BRONX, NY 10453


The Bronx Clinic at 1775 Grand Concourse serves Children, Adolescents and Adults, from age 5 and up. The Clinic offers a variety of behavioral health services, including individual, group and family therapy, as well as psychiatric medication management.



NEW YORK, NY 10010


The Center for Adult Psychotherapy at 71 West 23rd Street offers comprehensive mental health services for individuals with history of chronic mental illness.  Services include individual and group therapy as well as medication management.

PCMH offers a full range of mental health services for both adults and children. Our experienced staff provide clinical and psychiatric rehabilitative services, as well as care coordination, to people with behavioral health needs. The goals of all mental health services include:

  • supporting recovery

  • enhancing the quality of life for those with behavioral health problems

  • achieving an improved health status

The services strive to eliminate health disparities while fostering positive community integration using a holistic therapeutic approach.  While all services require a mental health diagnosis, the services also address substance use disorders, chronic medical issues, and social supports.

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)

The Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens ACT Programs provide ongoing, community-based behavioral health services to those with histories of mental illness, repeated inpatient admissions, and difficulties in obtaining and/or maintaining treatment in outpatient settings. 


Bronx Rehabilitation Center (PROS)

The PROS Program includes an array of comprehensive rehabilitation services for adults with serious mental illness. 


Care and Case Management Services (Health Home)

PCMH actively participates in providing care coordination services to both children and adults with behavioral health and/or chronic medical conditions in a variety of community settings.