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Clinical Treatments

PCMH offers the full range of clinic services to both children and adults. Experienced social workers and psychologists serve as therapists and clinical supervisors, providing treatment in multiple models of care. Therapy is offered from a psychodynamic, family, cognitive, behavioral or medical model of care, based on the specific needs of the client. Specialized services include group therapy, play therapy for children, couples and family therapy, psychological testing, and medication consultation and management.

The Center for Adult Psychotherapy

The Center for Adult Psychotherapy provides comprehensive client-centered outpatient psychiatric treatment for persons within the greater New York metropolitan area.  The Center offers a full range of mental health services that include: medication management, insight-oriented psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, group psychotherapy, family therapy, anger management and motivational enhancement therapy.

Making Healthy Choices [MHC]

Making Healthy Choices (MHC) is a SAMHSA funded program at the Westside Rehabilitation Center that promotes positive physical health outcomes for individuals with serious mental illness (SMI) and co-occurring disorders. MHC provides individuals with relevant and evidence-based support to improve their health status by integrating primary care and behavioral health services. To this end, MHC works in collaboration with a Federally Qualified Health Center, to pursue a set of client-centered program goals. These goals include:

  • Strengthening health literacy

  • Promoting wellness (through primary and secondary prevention strategies)

  • Fostering timely access to primary care, and promoting continuity of care

MHC also coordinates services with other programs within the Postgraduate Center for Mental Health, as well as with outside primary care providers, labs, and specialist. Services offered through MHC are designed to complement and enhance those offered through PCMH and include bimonthly workshops, weekly classes and daily activities. Additionally, MHC supports consumers through offering support that addresses fundamental consumer needs vis-à-vis healthcare navigation, screening, advocacy, and smoking cessation.

Westside Clinic

The Westside clinic offers individual, couple, and group therapy, medication management, and case management for consumers with serious mental illness.

Assertive Community Treatment [ ACT ]

The Assertive Community Treatment Program provides on-going, community based psychiatric services to people who have histories of mental illness, multiple in-patient admissions, and difficulties obtaining or maintaining treatment in out patient treatment programs. The ACT Team conducts treatment needs assessments, which includes psychiatric services and social services. The Team makes home visits, referrals to other services as needed and appropriate, and coordination of services. The ACT Program is not time limited, but it is limited to residents of Sunset Park, Red Hook, Park Slope, and areas of Bay Ridge in Brooklyn.

Referrals to Programs

PCMH makes every effort to facilitate easy and timely access to services. Clinical, financial and psychosocial information is required in order to establish eligibility for programs.
For guidance about the referral process, contact:

Westside Clinical & Residential Programs

Center for Adult Psychotherapy

Assertive Community Treatment [ ACT ] Team

Blended Case Management [ BCM ]

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